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Tricks to Help you Keep Up with your Fitness Goals even when it Gets Tough

When it comes to fitness, discipline is key to accomplishing your body goals. Nobody said it was going to be a piece of cake and that’s why not everyone makes it to the finish line. It is easy to talk yourself into hitting the gym and keeping up with your diet just like it’s easy talking yourself into quiting. I believe there is a way we all can make it to the finish line, with the will to work, positivity and a few hacks, you will be able to keep up with your fitness routine  and here are some tricks you can use :

Set realistic targets
Set goal that you will be able to achieve according to the amount of time you have given yourself. This is very important because you will be able to work at your own pace and chances of you ditching at the yellow light are very minimal. When you set a goal that is way above your limit, chances are you will quit when you don’t see the results or when it gets too difficult and that is discouraging.

Take one step at a time
Don’t start with intense exercise, figure out what is suitable for you, then progress slowly. When you do too much at such an early stage, chances are you will get sore, get injuries, and then the will to keep pushing starts fading and then you find an easy way out by talking yourself into quiting. Alway remember baby steps are super important in your fitness journey.

Do it because it benefits you
One of the most important fitness rule. Don’t do it for your partner or because you want to look like your friends or those Instagram models, this is your life and for you to get to the finish line you have to fall in love with yourself and everything that you do because if you’re searching for that one person that will change your life for the better, take a look at the mirror.

Surround yourself with the right group of people
Like I said the journey will get tougher and tougher as you go and having a supporting partner, friend or family that will stick with you througt the journey, motivate you, pick you up when you feel like moving on. The circle must not be too big, just the support one who Will be there for you, a workout partner is even better plus you can also do yourself a favor by cutting of the toxic ones, you’ll thank me later.

4. Mash it up
Monotony gets boring after some time so it is advisable to switch it up a little bit, take a break from lifting the weights and try yoga, this will help in keeping things interesting and also exercise different muscles . Also, switch between machines and free weights while training strength. You do not have to do this process every week, but you want to switch it around a bit.

Work with the clock
Create time for yourself, set a target at least work out twice a day, 30 minutes for every session. Clearly unnecessary schedules for workouts and health check ups. Set a six month challenge and do everything in your power to abide by it no matter how crazy your day gets get crazier for the sake of your fitness goal but always remember to take break and let loose a little bit, at least one a week.

Celebrate small wins
If you’ve lost even 1 kg in a week, take time to appreciate what you have accomplished so far and don’t compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter twenty, it doesn’t work like that. It will take weeks or even months before you start seeing changes.

Make it your day to day activity
Working out should among your top list priorities, like eating or taking a shower. That is how you should treat your workout routine. Normalize it and you will find it easy balancing between your daily schedule and fitness routine.

11. Trace every step
Let a weighing scale be your friend, Keep a health diary or use an app to keep track of your your progress that way, you will be able to adjust as you shift from one exercise to another.

Simple Morning Routines That Will Enhance Your Productivity

How you start your morning sets the mood throughout the rest of the day. If you feel very tired and less motivated when you wake up, chances are you will have an unproductive day and you may need to change your routine. Simple  habits, such as taking a glass of water before waking up or spending a few minutes meditating, can greatly change your view on life and how you handle different situations you find yourself In.

Everyone deserves a productive day no matter what you are going through but it is your responsibility to ensure that both your body and mind is nourished , and after that you will be invisible. Here are some tips on the best morning routines to leave you refreshed and ready to start the day.

Take time to collect your thoughts

You know what’s sad with this generation is that 78% of us wake up and the first thing we do is check our phones, go through chats and Instagram stories or head straight to work forgetting that waking up in the morning is such a rare blessing.

It doesn’t matter if you’re feeling pressured at work or just having a bad morning and you need to use your phone as a distraction, the first thing you need to do is  gently wake up, reflect on where you started , appreciate what you have accomplished so far and write down your plans for the day and what you want to achieve.

This process helps you feel more focused, less stressed and gain more confidence. If you keep this up, your anxiety, streets and depression will go away and you’ll start glowing, both physically and mentally.

Drink plenty of water

First thing is you wake up, take a deep breath, stretch your arms and your legs out grab a water bottle, fill it and drink as much as you can. Drinking enough water is one of the most essential things you can do all day. Because we are made up of more than 60 percent water, hydration is important for our bodies to function properly especially our brain.

You can mix it up with some healthy smoothy especially after a workout. This will help in refreshing your brain and you will be able to set your plans for the day and what you want to achieve

Try Excersing

The best time to workout is early in the morning, around 5:00 am, you might go for a run or just exercise at home if you’re not comfortable with going outside before sunrise .  Early exercise increases productivity and gives you more energy throughout the day.

That little speed of endorphins will make you feel healthier and more confident as you get ready for work. Try taking a morning walk to get your muscles moving and enjoy the fresh air. On rainy days, stay indoors and spend 15to 25 minutes stretching.


This is the best way to clear your mind, find out what’s good for you, both physically and mentally and also help you get rid of anxiety, stress and in most cases depression. It’s basically shifting the focus back to you, appreciate the things you have accomplished so far, figure out where you are heading, how you are going to get there and what you want to achieve, the toxic stuff and people you need to let go in order to move forward.

Everyone can benefit from a little daily meditation. It doesn’t have to take long – you can meditate for 10 minutes every morning and feel the effects. Highly developed techniques use visualization as a focus point. Check out different targeted meditation videos or apps to find out what works for you. If you haven’t added mediation as part of your morning routine then you are missing a lot.

Have a nutritious breakfast

We all know we can’t start the day in an empty stomach, breakfast is actually the most important meal of the day because it stimulates digestion and gives you energy for the first half of the day and you know what’s even better? Starting your day with a nutritious diet, it doesn’t have to be a heavy breakfast, you can start with a smoothie, then toast and some eggs and Finnish with some fruit or veggie salad, trust me, you’ll feel much better.

Listen to some Music or Podcast

Ever heard the saying that music produces the kind of pleasure that human nature cannot do without because it is the literature of the heart. Although most people like to open the morning news, we are not always greeted with the best news.

It’s important to stay up to date with current events, but instead of diving into the complexities of the day, try to work with a little good news in the morning. Listen to your favorite podcast or play a playlist that feels good to improve your mood and rejuvenate your brain. If you prefer to watch TV in the morning, try an upbeat program like Motivation Mondays.

Keep this up and you will have great mornings ahead, filled with positivity and good vibes. Listen to your body, take a deep breath and plan yourself . Take back your life, you deserve it and a lot more.

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Raila To Be The President 2022, Here Is The Possible Deputy President (opinion)

As we are at the verge of 2022 general election, details are emanating on who will succeed president Uhuru Kenyatta whose term set to elapse. Some leaders have shown off bold interest to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta in their bid to contest for 2022 presidency.

Deputy President of Republic of Kenya William Ruto is Among the individual with strong ambition to succeed president Uhuru Kenyatta following his proclamation of vying for Presidential seat coming 2022.

However, speculations are emerging that if Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga contest for 2022 Presidency, the governor of Mombasa Ali Hassan Joho might deputize him.

As reports claims, the bid of ODM boss to contest for 2022 presidency has not come out clear as the contradicting information keeps on circulating.

Governor Ali Hassan Joho has been a close ally to Raila Odinga for a long time as Reports indicates. He supported Raila Odinga in 2017 and 2020 Presidential race however, the move did not bore fruits.

Ali Hassan Joho is in his second term as Mombasa Governor following the re-election into office.

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Forget Attending Madaraka Day Celebration In Kisumu If You Don’t Have This, Govt Issues Strict Rules


Following Madaraka Day Celebration on Tuesday 1st June 2021, the government has issued strict rules for Kenyans attending the event. The day is set on annually celebration marking the day Kenya gained it’s independence from colonial British in 1st June 1963.

The government took the celebration to Jomo Kenyatta international stadium in Mamboleo, Kisumu county for this year’s celebration. The stadium is on preparedness as the ceremony set to be lead by the head of state, president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Asserting on the event, State House spokesperson Kanze Dena has highlighted Strict Rules for the attendance of the event. Dena in her statement reveals the venue of Madaraka day Celebration at new Jomo Kenyatta International stadium, Mamboleo in Kisumu.

State House spokesperson further added the regulations of the number of people attending the event as they have been highly reduced the number of admission to strictly by invitation cards.

The move has been steered by the government following the spike of covid-19 in the country. The event should strictly adhere covid-19 protocols in a bid of curbing the spread of the pandemic.

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He Suffered From This Multiple iliness; Younger Brother Clears Air On Kalembe Ndile’s Death


The family of the late Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile has finally cleared air on his demise following his long ailment he has been battling with for a long period. Late Kibwezi MP died on Sunday morning at 5.30 am while receiving treatment in Nairobi Hospital.

The family, Kibwezi Netizens and Kenyans by extension are eulogizing late Richard Kalembe Ndile who was termed as charismatic and visionary leader.

Various leaders have sent their Condolences to the family of former MP Kalembe following the demise.
Speaking out, his younger brother Sam Ndile, has highlighted the possible cause of Kalembe’s demise, disclosing the multiple illness he was diagnosed with that steered his death.

According to Sam Ndile, Kalembe Ndile complained of stomach pain on Wednesday night where he was rushed to a medical facility for check up.

Photo: Former MP Kalembe Ndile addressing Journalist in the Past Event 


There was lack of beds in Pangani hospital thus Kalembe wouldn’t be admitted where he instructed his younger brother Sam Ndile to drive him to Nairobi Hospital. Late Kalembe was diagnosed with multiple illness including Stomach cancer, Liver Cirrhosis and Kidney Failure as his younger brother Sam Ndile asserted.

It’s reportedly that the multiple diseases he was found with geared his death as the medics recommend him to be taken in theater for the surgery.

“He suffered multiple illnesses and at some point, he was wheeled to the theatre where he was supposed to undergo a correction surgery. The facility asked for blood donors and people turned up and donated blood for him. However, this didn’t succeed since his situation worsened,” Sam Ndile stated

The late Kalembe died at the age of 57 years where he left behind 10 childrens and other six adopted childrens. He’s the second last born in the family of seven siblings.

He was a renowned and outstanding support of Wiper Democratic party allied to Kalonzo Musyoka.

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MOE To Shut Down All Primary And Secondary Schools On The Basis of This Worrying News (opinion)

The education sector has been confronted with hard times following the wave of corona virus pandemic in the country. The pandemic has paralyzed sectors including education sector greatly interfering with education calendar.

Since the storm of the pandemic in Kenya, the ministry of education has been forced to shut down all Education institutions in a bid to combat the spread of the pandemic. In the first time, schools were closed for almost nine months as they observe the wave of the pandemic.

Later, schools were reopened and then shut down due to escalation of covid-19 in the third wave that were then ultimately reopened. However, the ministry of education in connection with the ministry of health has issues strict covid-19 protocols to be adhered to in Educational institutions.

Following the threatening of covid-19 pandemic heading to fourth wave, education CS should be forced to close all primary and secondary schools for their safety. It’s reportedly most schools in the country doesn’t have adequate facilities to facilitate for covid-19 protocols especially social Distance.

CS Magoha should consider the way possible for safety of students as cases upsurge. It’s reportedly on the shoot of individuals contradicted with the virus of daily basis as fatality rate shits.

What’s your opinion on the closure of institutions offering basic education as covid-19 Emerges as major threat? Kindly share out your mind with valid reasons.

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Larry Madowo Reports New Worrying Details On Congo Mountain Eruption


Photo: CNN Journalist Larry Madowo

Violent Volcanic mountain Nyiragongo eruption has claimed many people’s lives and others homeless.

Hundreds of thousands of people have fled from the country after the incident caused panic amongst residents living in that region.

Congo is preparing for another possible volcanic eruption, with most residents of Goma being issued evacuation orders by the government.

Larry Madowo is one of the reporters who was sent to cover the whole incident and he described it as the worst displacement that has ever occured in the whole world.

In a post on his twitter account on May 29th, Larry Madowo remarked that the Lava left fire behind and many people are still unaccounted for the region.

“A week after the volcanic eruption at Mt Nyiragongo, there’s still fire in the lava left behind in Goma. There are people still unaccounted for. LIVE all morning on CNN,” Larry Madowo remarked.

The whole world should continue to pray for the Congo people since they have been greatly affected by the violent eruption.

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Manchester United Identify De Gea’s Replacement, Arsenal Suffer Blow And Latest On Grealish, Conte And Kane


The following are football transfer updates across Europe according to BBC Sport as at May 28.

Ole Gunnar Solskajaer’s top target in the summer transfer window has been revealed. The man United manager is targeting four players; Villarreal’s 24-year old defender Pau Torres, West Ham’s Declan Rice, Borussia Dortmund’s 21-year old winger Jadon Sancho and Tottenham’s 27-year old striker Harry Kane.


Ole Gunnar is keen on strengthening his side in order to compete favourably in the next season. Man United management is also set to offer the Norwegian manager a new three-year contact even after losing at the Europa League final.

Manchester City are eyeing Aston Villa and England midfielder Jack Grealish. They are prepared to sign the 25-year old this summer for a whooping £100 million. This will make him English football’s first player to be bought at such amount.

Antonio Conte is said to be interested in taking up Tottenham’s managerial job after leaving Serie A champions Inter Milan on Wednesday. Tottenham are considering him but could yet target Zinedine Zidane who is available after resigning as Real Madrid manager.

Manchester United are set to make a move for Atletico Madrid’s goalkeeper Jan Oblak. It’s reported that 30-year old goalkeeper David De Gea could be used as part of the deal to acquire the services of the 28-year old Slovenia international.

Arsenal have set midfielder Granit Xhaka’s asking price at around £21.5 million. AS Roma who are interested in the midfielder, are hoping to pay something closer to £10 million. This could be a blow to Arsenal as they are keen to raise funds in a bid to rebuild their squad.

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Narrative Behind The Collapse Of Nyamira Multi-million Project Leaks As Contractor’s Identity Went Missing


Following the collapse of Nyamira county Assembly multi-million project, details has leaked on the incident that happened yesterday at around 6.00pm.

In the scene, ten individuals feared death as reported by Nyamira county commissioner Mariba. The commissioner ascertains that 25 workers out of 35 were in the construction site working past hours where the tragedy happened.

Photo; Underway rescue of trapped workers in the construction site 

The first three who managed to jump from the top floor got injuries and were rushed to Nyamira Referral hospital. 10 others who feared death were trapped by the collapsed building.

The rescue team with locals managed to get the trapped casualties in an exercise that kicked off at around 6.30 pm.

However, following the astonishing tragedy, details has emerged behind the scene. The fourth storey-building collapsed at the balcony where construction was underway.

It’s reportedly that the fixation of construction materials were not standard.

However, the name of the contractor and engineer in charge has not yet disclosed since the incident. In an interview with locals by statupdate, it’s reportedly that the construction was hurried up failing to give time for the rinto to dry up since it was attached on the single erected posts.

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KDF Soilders In Celebration After A Major Achievement


Photo: Kenya Defense Forces Soilders

The Kenya defense forces organized training for army officers which, brought Soilders from various nations in Africa.

Soilders who attended the course were taught on the national management of the security sector and administration.

Brigadier General R T Chogonapanja from Malawi said,” Before Coming for this course I really didn’t have enough knowledge than what I have gathered here, so I can testify that this course is very important for those of us especially working under the national government.

The army officers who were trained in the course were able to understand government functionalities and how to relate with each other.

The tutors disseminated knowledge on the impact of the domestic and external environment in enabling critical decision making for policy makers in the country.

Yvonne Kirui (Kenya Defense forces ) remarked, ” In one year the content that has been taught in the course has been very useful and gives a broad conceptualization of national security issues.