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Junior Secondary to Be Disbanded, It Has Failed, Kuppet Raises Alarm


A teacher’s union claims the transition to Junior Secondary Schools has failed learners and called for its disbandment.

Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers wants a crisis meeting of stakeholders convened to deliberate the future of JSS and a re-think of its placement.

The meeting, the union said, should bring together teachers, parents’ unions, MPs, ministry of education officials and professionals to address the emerging transition issue that the union says is “wasting learners”.

In its verdict, the union cites the lack of teachers to manage Grade Seven, inadequate books for learners, additional levies charged by schools and confusion that has marred the transition.

Kuppet said no learning is taking place in Grade 7 and now urges the education reforms team to consider domiciling the new level of learning in secondary schools.

Secretary General Akelo Misori said the crisis in schools has been brought about by a lack of enough teachers, limited learning materials, low capitation funds, unclear teacher management, and low support staff in the schools.

“One and a half months into the transition of the pioneer cohort of the Competency-Based Curriculum, there is no learning taking place in our Junior Secondary Schools,” he said.

Misori said the teachers posted by the TSC to schools are not adequate to handle all 14 learning areas.