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William Ruto Reportedly Pushes MPs To Take This Action, Leaving Raila Odinga in Dilemma


Raila Odinga has been Reportedly facing a major Dilemma as President William Ruto reportedly push Members of National Assembly to change the law.




President William Ruto won the recently concluded general election against Azimio La Umoja’s presidential Aspirant Raila Odinga.




However, as the Star Reports, Raila Odinga is facing major Dilemma over the push to change the law by President William Ruto. It has been developed that President William Ruto is operating in a bid of pushing law makers to initiate a major change in the law.




Azimio La Umoja one Kenya coalition’s leader Raila Odinga blasted President William Ruto following his alleged move to change the constitution. Raila Odinga warned the ruling government, indicated that Kenyans can’t be directed and mislead by Kenya Kwanza government.





However, President William Ruto said that Kenya is a Democratic state where citizens are willing to make choices.




The move by President William Ruto to change the constitution has left Azimio La Umoja one Kenya coalition leader Raila Odinga in a bold dilemma over the push to change the law.