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TSC Issues New Shortlisted P1 Junior Secondary Teachers and Salary Increment of Teachers

TSC shortlisted p1 teachers. The teacher service commission has today released lists of deployed P1 teachers to schools in every county.

schools after the completion of the verification of documents exercise.

Today TSC CEO confirmed that this CBA is subject to review so that teachers can receive an increment in their salaries.

During the agreement, TSC and SRC agreed to do a review over the same mid-way if the economic growth improves the CEO confirmed.


Appearing before the National assembly and the education committee chaired by Julius Melly, The CEO added that the commission and SRC have plans to review the 2021-2025 CBA  so that it motivates teachers.

As a result, we ask that this Committee help the Commission obtain Sh14 billion over the course of four years to cover the same.

In July this year, the commission has plans to employ more than 20000 teachers in internship programs so as to help curb the teacher shortages in schools.

To achieve this target, She requested MPs to approve its budget of   Sh3.8 billion to help the commission in recruiting these teachers.

TSC salary increment

Recently TSC  has just completed the recruitment exercise of more than 30,000 teachers on an internship and pnp basis for both secondary and primary schools.

For the newly recruited JSS teachers, a single teacher will be handling a minimum of 12 subjects.

This has really heated up over social media bringing a debate on how this will be possible.

Education stakeholders have raised questions to TSC on how it is planning to handle the problem but TSC responded boldly by saying it has plans to employ more teachers.