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Nyamira County MCAs Unanimously Impeach Finance CEC Emily Ongaga Over The Following Allegations


33 out of 35  Nyamira County Members of County Assembly have signed Impeached document, calling for the immediate sack of Finance County Executive Committee member, CPA Emily Ongaga.



Only two MCAs, Hon Abere and Hon Edna opposed the impeachment move.



The Nyamira MCAs accused Finance CEC Emily Ongaga over the following allegations


1. Unsupported pending bills.


2. Unilaterally and illegally appointing an accounting officer to the County Public Service Board


3. Discrimination and skewed payments of salary arrears to herself, members of County Executive Committee and H.E Governor Nyaribo while ignoring same request for payment of salary arrears by other county employees.


4. Sabotaging county Finance Operations by not assigning roles of authority to in incur and pay to County Chief Officers as AIE holders.



5. Failure to recover loans amounting to Sh37M which includes non-perfoming loans owed by serving and former 9 CECs and the late Governor H.E John Nyagarama amounting to Sh20M .



6. Withdrawal of mortgag

e funds in the name of emergencies.

7. Failure to fully implement the Nyamira County Health Facility Improvement Fund(FiF) Act.



8. Failure to provide updated statement of expenditures for Nyamira County Municipality and various funds and grants.


9. Failure to meet statutory budget lines.


10. Failure to honour county legal financial obligations.


11. Possible loss of funds to KRA through penalties.


12. Failure to enforce Finance Bill and address worrying issue of local revenue.



13. Poor execution of budget with development expenditure currently at less than 3 per cent.



14. Poor leadership as her department has no Director Revenue and Director Finance two years down the line.



15. Failure to have an ICT and Disposal of Public Assets Policy.