Women Body Parts That Attract Men

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Men always have a greater appetite.Women were created as companions of men and also for purposes of multiplication and filling the earth.Team mafisi is a sheng’ word that refers to men who have formed a habit of wanting to make love with any woman who grasps their attention.
Both the male and female body were created similarly but only defer in some parts.There are specific body parts in a female body that pulls a man closer and makes them fall for a specific woman.

Others refer to it as asset.There are curvy women who men think that they were really blessed and their big assets confuses them.They will be forced to turn in most occasions and concentrate on how the woman moves until they disappear. Some of them who cannot control themselves are tempted to confirm what it is made of and end up losing focus.


This is the defining part of a humans body.For one to be called beautiful or ugly, it depends with their facial complexity. Both brown and dark are beautiful depending on how you maintain your skin and that is what catches a man’s attention.Men are attracted to a shining smiley face that makes them forget all the worries they had.

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Forget about, Brazilian or Italian hair.Men love natural healthy hair.They are taken by the beauty of the hair especially when it is oiled and properly combed or kept.They like playing with the hair when feeling and want to express their romance.

Even men have ears but they will notice even a small change in a woman’s ear.Despite their small size, the ears can be the power of beauty for any woman.Golden, shining, expensive ear rings will just attract any eye. The eye should be kept clean especially the inner and top parts.


There are just those men who are attractedby zigwembe.Others with how the legs moves. This is why men will concentrate more on the lower part of the body when a woman is moving.The choice of cloth is also key to how you attract them.
The last thing that sums all parts up to be attractive, is cleanliness.

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