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Willy Paul Renews beef with Ringtone

Edwine Agesa



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Ringtone was the subject of ridicule from fellow artist Willy Paul when the latter posted about him. Through a post made on his Instagram account on Thursday January 7, 2021 Willy Paul claimed that Ringtone was in denial of his true gender.

“He (Ringtone) should just stop living in denial and put on a Dera (women’s clothing). He is a woman, ” Willy Paul said.

The gospel now turned secular artist had a lot to say about Ringtone even going ahead to offer him dancing classes. Willy Paul made a reference to his trending song Aaih dance video.

“The video is trending on YouTube right now and if Ringtone wants I can teach him afew moves because I know he can’t dance, ” reiterated the singer.

Willy Paul then informed his audience that Ringtone wasn’t the gospel artists chairman as he loved to call himself.

“He is just a simple women’s chairman, ” the singer revealed adding that he should stop using titles that do not fit him.

The two artists have been in each other businesses ever since Willy Paul stopped doing gospel music. Ringtone has always spoken against the singer for what he terms as Willy Paul having lost his faith.

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In an interview on NTV few weeks ago, Ringtone commented on Willy Paul’s new album Songs of Solomon claiming it was blasphemous.

Willy Paul responded by roping other artists into the mix by saying those who didn’t support him right now should not come to his funeral when he dies.

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