William Ruto Will Let His Tears Flowing After Knowing How Kenyans Have Allegedly Assulting Him

PHOTO: DP William Ruto

It’s a great blow to DP Ruto that Might let his tears flowing as any normal human being following the bold assulsts channeled towards him.DP Ruto has been Accused as the most corrupt politician and murderer who is operating for the benefit of himself and not for Kenyans.

In tweets pinned at twitter, DP Ruto has been Accused as a serial thief and unapologetic land grabber who is cheating Kenyans. The assults further mocked DP Ruto as a person who should not nearing any office amidst 2022.

In the reports, DP Ruto has been Accused for presiding over mass murder during the 2017 post election violence that advocated mass loss of life’s among Kenyans. Reports ascertains that the violence incident by DP Ruto will be passed from generation to next to Know how bad DP Is;
Here are the allagedy assults against DP Ruto by agitated Kenyans;

“My fren @ahmednasirlaw tell me How any sane person or church can paint/ protray William Ruto as a saint & God Fearing who presided over mass murder during the 2007 post election violence. I will never STOP reminding those TOO YOUNG to remember,” Tony Gachoka reacted

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” Voting for William Ruto who is a serial thief, Renowned Murderer and unpologetic land grabber is like accepting back a cheating & and abusive girlfriend hoping that she will shun her old ways. In 2022, DP Ruto shouldn’t be near any public office,” KISII COOL Reacted

” William Ruto should be stoned I’m public for stealing from public coffers and for all the people he as killed over the years,,, We must have the boldness to hold the bull by the horn and to say enough is enough,” MUGAMBO WA AFRICA pinned

” Unpopular opinion: The thief from Sugoi will not become president in 2022. Kenyans will not elect a looter and mass murderer. The president will not let a thief lead Kenya, ” TRENDSETTERKE reacted

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