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Why You Should Sleep On Your Left Side; Number 5 Is Interesting

Shadrack Olaka



Did your parents ever tell you that it is bad to eat immediately before bedtime, that food will just sit there all night and maybe make you fat? Well, digestion will continue whether you are awake or asleep.
There is a reason why a bedtime snack is a thing.
Our bodies are busy during sleep and needs some fuel to get the most out of that time.
The following reasons will enlighten you about the importance of sleeping on your left side.
1. Improves digestion
Even though digestion will always occur no matter how you sleep, sleeping on your left left side can help your body do the work with as little effort as possible.
Our stomachs sit on the left side of the abdomen, and when you lie on your left side, it allows food to pass into the large intestine more easily.
It also keeps the stomach from lying on top of the pancreas and this completely supports the free flow of the digestive enzymes.
2. Gives your heart a break
It helps gravity help the heart move blood.
3. Supports the lymphatic system
It helps the lymphatic system filter out waste. Lymph drains to the left through the thoracic duct.
This position lets gravity assist a natural body function.
4. Reduces heartburn
Sleeping on your left side reduces heartburn while sleeping on the right causes it to flare up.
Heartburn can be a side effect of eating before bed.
5. Prevents snoring
Sleeping on the left side could make a difference to people who snore. This is not the cure to all causes of snoring but it does keep your tongue and throat in a more neutral position and it leaves the airways clear.

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