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Why Women Love Their Male Besties More Than Their Partner

Wendy Lessa



It has always been a question men ask themselves but only girls will understand and only them can answer but chances are you will not love the answer. While some are lucky enough to fall in love and date their best friend , some have to choose between their male best friend and their partner and trust it never ends well.

I think men deserve to know the truth, here are some of the reasons girls will never leave their male bestie for anything in the world. Brace yourself. First of all your best friend will never put you in pressure of changing yourself and girls are actually free with them and do not have to worry about makeups or looking sexy because 99.9% of then do not mind.

Second the bond is more likely to last hence he will not just wake up one day and tell you it is over no matter how many times you fight. Her best friend will never leave her side even though her past relationships do not work out at least she will still have him to comfort her.

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Third she met her best friend long before you two became official and most probably knows how to handle her especially during her mood swings and if you really care about your girl you should probably stop with the jealousy and gather more information about her from her bestie trust me you’ll thank him later.

Being that her best friend has been in her life more than you proves that he has witnessed all the men come into his life and still walked away but he was always there even during her nasty breakups so why leave her now just because she is dating you.

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