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Why Wiper Cannot Work With Jubilee; Here Are Signs

Lamech Bwabi



After the drama in senate on Thursday, questions have been raised of whether Jubilee can work with wiper as they recently announced a coalition.It was alleged that senator Mutula is planning to block the coalition and the actions on Thursday during the sittings are prove enough.Senate speaker Ken Lusaka found himself in hot soup after he adjourned the sittings when senators failed to agree on the new formula of sharing revenue.
Lusaka ended the debate and postponed the sitting to next week Tuesday.Senators led by Mutula Kilonzo junior chanted at the speaker “shame” as he was walking out of the chamber.That did not end up there as Mutula expressed his dissatisfaction with the speakers ruling during debate meetings.
In his tweet Mutula said that Lusaka was illegally running the house and should be impeached for adjourning the debate unlawfully.Mutula was elected on Wipers ticket under National Super Alliance while Lusaka was elected speaker by Jubilee after losing the Bungoma gubernatorial seat to Wycliffe Wangamati having successfully ruled for one term.
Sijeny, wiper’s secretary general announced that the parties National Executive Council(NEC)  has agreed to join jubilee in a coalition that is open to other realignments. These was barely a few weeks after Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka announced that he is ready to work with jubilee and KANU in forming a government of national unity.
Former Machakos senator Muthama withdrew from the party and it seems that the party is divided and only three quarters of the members support the coalition. Mutula has opened a rift with Lusaka and therefore it means that the two can barely work together.The differences are clear as Mutula has threatened to impeach Lusaka and the two parties signed agreement to work together.
Mutula with other senators as Kajwang stated, they will stand firm for what is right and not dropping the names of President Kenyatta and Raila Odinga for self gain.In a coalition, it is expected that one defends his side but for Mutula he cares less about the agreement.

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