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Why Uhuru Is Reluctant To Attack Ruto

Lamech Bwabi



Many things have been happening in the country and Kenyans expected to at least get the voice of the president either giving direction or cooling the political temperatures that have continuously rose. The President has faced critics both in rallies and even through the social media as remains silent and only addresses the nation about covid 19 neglecting other issues especially politics.
The recent critics came from NARC KENYA leader Martha Maria who criticized the president on his current relationship with his deputy and even wanted them to resign for failing to work together.Kenyanas wanted the president to speak about the alleged meeting held by the dp at the Jubilees office with other leaders(aligned to him) in what the agenda was said to be preparation ahead of the next elections.
Fear of being criticized
Jubilee secretary general while addressing the media said that the DP should be strapped his duty as deputy party leader for disrespecting the president who is the party leader.The president was on his tour to France but upon his return he never addressed the issue. The head of state is aware of the meeting and couldn’t speak about it for it might have attracted more critics from the Tangatanga side.
He has not been working closely with his deputy and therefore everybody seems to be working from his side.
Uhuru promised to support Ruto when his term end a but things already fell part and this oath is no longer inexistence. Having betrayed the dp, the president is reluctant to attack him for all the wrangles in the party might be rooted back to him.He has to be quiet so that the dp can move on in his own way for he is not his preferred candidate come 2022.
Wants to leave a legacy
Every legacy has a story behind it. For now, it is clear that the president is not working together with his deputy. The president is determined to accomplish his agenda and leave a name behind. If he would have talked about the dp’s rally, then he will attract more war of words between the two sides and hinder his efforts to deliver for Kenyans.

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