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Why Some School Students Will be Forced To Transfer in Post Covid-19

Purity Kinuthia



As the covid-19 impact continues to be felt in various sectors in the country, private schools seem to be in more bad shape. School closure in March, which was thought to be short term, has now turned out to be a  lost academic year to kindergarten, primary and high school students.

While their counterpart schools have been receiving funding as usual and its teachers paid by the government, private school owners had to go into their pockets to try and sustain the bills and pay its teacher.

The private schools relied on school fees that parents pay for survival, and when schools were closed in March this year, their supply of cash was cut abruptly. The little they had was used to run the school, hoping that they could reopen in September, anticipating the situation would have normalized. However, after the Education CS, Dr. George Magoha declared the 2020 Academic year was lost, the schools are likely to run out of business.

Certainly, some schools will resort to closing down totality after finding it impossible to stay afloat under present-day conditions. Consequently, students will be forced to transfer schools and enroll in new schools, either private or public. It will be a real struggle for parents to secure chances for their children, as the existing public schools are overpopulated.

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Inadequate infrastructure and classroom in public institutions make it almost impossible for schools to enroll new students come next year when schools are anticipated to resume. Baring in mind the suggested number of fifteen students per class.

Besides that, parents will have to incur the extra cost of acquiring new school uniforms and books. For those who had cleared the whole year’s fee for their students, the tussle will now be following up to get a refund of their money after the school fails to open come next year. Nonetheless, it remains inevitable for the students to transfer schools once learning takes up again.


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