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Why Should One Pee So Much During Pregnancy?

Clinton Mwenje



Repeated visits to the toilet is an indicator of pregnancy. Having to compact a lot is particularly very common during the first and last trimester of pregnancy. In fact, it is normally an early sign of pregnancy and there will be normal physical and hormonal changes in your body during this course of time.

During the early stages of pregnancy, the womb is usually low down in the pelvis area. As your baby develops, it puts pressure on your bladder, even in the early weeks. When your baby develops too big to fit in your pelvis and your womb moves up into your abdomen, you’ll possibly discover you make fewer trips to the loo.

However, as your baby develops during the period of pregnancy, your body will produce more and more urine. This is because your kidneys have to connect with the added waste from both your increased circulation and your baby. The good news is that your bladder enhances in volume over the course of your pregnancy to deal with this.

So you may discover that once you’re into your second trimester, the loo breaks end a little until late pregnancy. There will be a pressure built-up inside your urinary system, due to hormone and lack of space during the later stage of pregnancy. The pregnancy hormone progesterone can loosen up the tubes of your urinary system, making it harder for urine to pass from your kidneys into your bladder and then from your bladder.

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This will make you go to the loo again and again, for passing small amounts of urine. In later pregnancy, even when your bladder is empty, the pressure of your developing baby can make it feel complete. You’ll specifically feel this at the end of pregnancy when your baby’s head has engaged readily for birth.

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