Why President Uhuru Changed His Mind To Endorse Ruto For 2022 Presidency- Kenyan Clears The Air

PHOTO: DP William Ruto (left) and The President Uhuru Kenyatta (right)

Kenyan has cleared the air as to why president Uhuru Kenyatta will no longer endorse DP William Ruto for 2022 presidency as it was per agreement when they were contesting for presidency in 2013. In the post at facebook, the Kenyan disclosed that Uhuru Kenyatta wanted to endorse DP Ruto in 2022 for presidency but Ruto started to compete with Uhuru as if he’s the president.


In the information that was written in Swahili, the Kenyan further indicated that president Uhuru will tell whom to endorse in 2022. “I wanted to give power to DP Ruto in 2022 but he started to compete with me as if he’s the president. He wanted to take leadership by force, so I will not give him leadership. I will tell you whom to give Later,,,Uhuru Opens his heart an explained.” A Kenyan posted( translated from Swahili)

In the post, the Kenyan indicated that Ruto will not be endorsed as 2022 president of republic of Kenya because of his competition with the president. This comes after the Political war between DP Ruto and the president is intensifying where by their relationship is seen deteriorating.

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