Why Magufuli’s Life Is At Risk? Worrying Reports Leak


Tanzanian nationals are still worried concerning the whereabouts of their president Dr John Pombe Magufuli who was last seen in public at the end of February.

Magufuli is one of the leaders who disregarded all Covid-19 guidelines and told the citizens of his country to live in normalcy.

The outspoken president Dr Magufuli opened schools earlier than other countries and advised the citizens of his country to take traditional medication as a cure for Covid-19.

Opposition leaders in the country led by Tundu Lissu have been pushing for the disclosure of Magufuli’s current state

Tundu Lissu alleged that the president had been airlifted to India for specialized treatment.

For the past few days, Nairobi Hospital facility that receives high profile visitors has been under very tight security.

Sources who spoke to People Daily newspaper, stated that the president was still under ventilator support and his condition has not changed. The source further indicated that Magufuli is in critical condition.

According to WHO, people who are above the age of 60 years or who who have health conditions like lung or heart disease, diabetes are at high risk when it comes to Covid-19.

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Magufuli had mocked coronavirus tests, denounced vaccines as part of a Western conspiracy to take Africa’s wealth, and opposed mask-wearing and social distancing. Tanzania stopped releasing corona virus updates in May last year when it said it had 509 cases and 21 deaths, according to data held at the World Health Organisation (WHO).

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