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Why Kenyans Have Been Warned Against Jubilee Asili

Why Kenyans Have Been Warned Against Jubilee Asili
Photo: Dr William Ruto (left) with President Uhuru Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s ally David Murathe warned Kenyans against joining Jubilee Asili team allied to the deputy president William Ruto.
Murathe went on to his facebook page to tell Kenyans that Jubilee Asili is a ‘ leprosy’ and it is against the president’s agenda.

Photo: David Murathe

He urged Jubilee supporters to shun from divisive politics but to focus in the president’s efforts of bringing development and bringing unity in the country.
“For a very long time Uhuru’s Jubilee Party agenda has been attacked by a political leprosy by the name jubilee Asili.But, after massive fumigations, we have successfully separated and our focus now is delivery of services and ensuring we unite this country. We are therefore urging patriots to refrain from contracting this disease,” Murathe remarked.

He remarked that everyone must take a course of respecting His excellency Mr President.
“How does that bring food to the table or pay medical fee? Consolidation of parties was Mr President’s agenda of building a cohesive Nation,” Murathe said.
On the other hand Ruto’s ally and Jubilee deputy secretary general Caleb Kositany said that Jubilee Asili is team for people who still believe in Jubilee original agenda.

Photo: Jubilee Deputy S.G Caleb Kositany

Caleb Kositany, Deputy S.G. Jubilee said, “the members who were removed were not removed because of incompetence, the main reason is they are seen to be friends & still hold on the original dream which is why we have commissioned Jubilee Asili Center.”
During Thursday’s meeting Dr William Ruto urged the leaders who were sacked to continue focusing on Jubilee’s people-centered transformational agenda now and in the future.


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