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Why Government Spokesperson Oguna Has Been Missing In The Recent Covid-19 Updates

Daniel Mutuva



It has been noticed that the government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna has been missing in the recent covid-19 updates only to found he was Contradicted with covid-19 virus. Kenyans had developed speculation upon his missing in government’s covid-19 updates.

The government’s spokesperson asserted that he was contradicted with the virus while out in the field. According to Cyrus Oguna, he developed a mild covid-19 related symptoms and upon his testing he was found positive for covid-19. He come from an assignment out of town where he developed mild coronavirus related symptoms and got tested

Oguna further asserted the results come back and only to be found positive. He indicated he’s receiving medical attention at an isolation and treatment facility.

Cyrus Oguna has been in forefront in helping the government to fighting the deadly pandemic. In his statement he urged Kenyans to take care of covid-19 measures to contain the disease.

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