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Why Gideon Moi Is Silent As Ruto Continues With Country Wide Tours

Lamech Bwabi



Baringo senator Gideon Moi had been tipped as the greatest competitor of the dp as he divided the Right valley region threatening Ruto’s dominance in his own yard.Many analysts and Kenyans have being claiming that the son to former retired president Daniel Moi will be on the ballot 2022.Even Kieleweke leader Maina Kamanda already endorsed him saying he is the only suitable man to rule this country with an experience from his father who ruled for 24 years.
Moi has never declared his ambition to vie for presidency in 2022 but most politicians have been associating him with especially after joining Jubilee to work with the government.During the Burlington of his father, Gideon was given the power to lead KANU politically and challenged to restore it forming government.He has however remained silent as speculations rise and even politics gain momentum.
Fear of dividing rift valley
The rift valley region is known for voting a s a block.These means that if they have agreed to support a certain candidate, then it will be him to the end.Euro has been acting as the regions kingpin aince 2013. If moi declares his body, then his supporters will rival with those of Ruto.As earlier seen, the two camps had begun to attack each other everybody pulling on his side and with increased pressure then lives will be in danger.
Fear of destroying the good relationship with Ruto
They have never been political rivals except for few opinion cases. If Moi decides to vie for presidency then he will have to rival Ruto to try and win support. Politics is a dirty game and as already seen Ruto and Raila are already exchanging harsh words.When he was linked with being Jubilee’s flag bearer, Moi and Ruto’s camp were involved in war of words confusing the region.
Waiting for president Kenyatta’s action
KANU signed an agreement to work with the ruling party meaning it is already a coalition ahead of the next general elections. The president is believed to be influential ahead of the next elections and  his direction will remove fear.Moi is waiting for the head of state to give directions so that he can choose the best path according to him.

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