Why E-learning Will Collapse Education System Amidst Covid-19. Prof Magoha Not Helping At All

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Technology is good and I support it hundred percent as part of develop. Digitizing education is a good idea at it reflect transition and development in education sector,but it also matters where it’s applied or carried out. After the attack of Covid-19 pandemic in the county the government of Kenya closed all the learning institutions in a bid to combat the spread of the virus in the country.

The government of Kenya in collaboration with the ministry of education under the CS Prof Magoha introduced e-learning among primary and also secondary students at home during this period of pandemic. This system will Collapse the education system.Why? E-learning works better among individuals who are mature and have adequate content about internet. It’s valid that most primary pupils does not have adequate knowledge about internet and Technology.

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PHOTO: Kenyan Pupils using laptops in class

The government is not aware of how many families can access Internet and smartphones to read online. Some families does not even have access to electricity.Some families does not even have radio and television.How will they manage this Magoha’s System? Prof Magoha should be serious about this vivid reality.

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