Why DP Ruto Should Not Leave Jubilee Immediately, This Is What’s Awaiting Him He Should Rejoice

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As per reports, the deputy President William Ruto should not take a step of leaving Jubilee party even as the political war against him intensfy. Despite of being underrated and degradation in the party, DP Ruto should hold his patience till 2022 as reports indicates. Ruto has strong ambition over 2022 Presidential seat as reports outlines.

When president Uhuru Kenyatta and DP Ruto were contesting for presidency for the first time they made a bold agreement as reports outlines. According to the terms of the agreement, Uhuru Kenyatta was set to rule for two terms and another two terms for DP Ruto. Uhuru Kenyatta had already elapsed his first time and he’s in his second term.

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PHOTO; President Uhuru Kenyatta (left) with DP William Ruto (right)


As per reports on the basis of their agreement, DP Ruto is expected to take over in presidential move in 2022 upon Presidential Uhuru’s terms expiry. Their has been existing political wrangles in Jubilee party where by some of his allies are oustered and his power diminished.

Reports ascertains that Ruto should confine himself in Jubilee party, perhaps Uhuru Might succeed their bold agreement Despite of the differences exhibited. As per the saying goes “Promise is a debt” Uhuru Kenyatta’s should have to fulfill it

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