Home News Why DP Ruto Is Fighting Waiguru’s Impeachement To Succeed; Details Emerges

Why DP Ruto Is Fighting Waiguru’s Impeachement To Succeed; Details Emerges

Why DP Ruto Is Fighting Waiguru’s Impeachement To Succeed; Details Emerges

As governor Waiguru’s impeachement move intensfy, reports has exhibited how the DP William Ruto is embracing strategies in a bid to succeed Waiguru’s impeachement. This emerged shortly after the senate has been focused as the finals determinant over Waiguru impeachement. The impeachement motion was set to commence today at the Senate. However, issues have arouse that their is a secretive move by the ODM boss Raila Odinga to save Waiguru from the hit.


The DP Ruto is reportedly accused for influencing the success of Waiguru’s impeachement. Waiguru deserted DP Ruto after Raila Odinga and President Uhuru formed a coalition in the name of the handshake. A fierce Kenyan has exposed that DP Ruto is fighting Waiguru’s impeachment over BBI and 2022 Politics. He further affirmed via Twitter post that DP Ruto’s interest is all about power and 2022 Politics.

“Tamga Tanga stooges and hirelings cannot take us for fools, we all know where thy get instructions from. The master has instructed them to fight Gov Waiguru because of BBI and 2022 Politics, there is nothing Principe here, it’s about power and 2022,” Kalu Lapariyo pinned.

Details further ascertains that Waiguru is the only strong woman in BBI thus a major need by ODM boss Raila Odinga to save her impeachement. Further reports indicates that some senators have been instructed from the ODM side to save Waiguru’s impeachment, the information that was despised by Raila Odinga.

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PHOTO: ODM Boss Raila Odinga with Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru

Also further claims have emerged following president Uhuru’s silence over Waiguru’s impeachment since she’s her closer friend as per reports. However, President Uhuru had affirmed that if any politician is held up with a corruption scandal, he or she should Prevent himself or herself without government’s involvement. Kenya is hitted by Corruption an the government has been embracing it’s effort to eradicate it due to it’s negative impact to development.

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