Why A Rumoured Raila-Ruto Alliance Is Giving Mount Kenya Sleepless Nights


The region of Mt Kenya is keen to watch whether an alliance that is rumoured between DP William Ruto and Raila Odinga the ODM Party leader can come to fruition. They’re also observing the regional interests of what such an alliance would bring.

If the two men who are both interested in succeeding President Uhuru Kenyatta form an alliance, it would without doubt shake the region’s political interests and its main selling point.

Some allies of DP Ruto from the region, are against any political alliance between the two, stating that they won’t be part of it and may even opt to jump out of Ruto’s camp.

Wangui Ngirici the Kirinyaga Women REP cautioned any move by the DP to form a coalition with Raila would cost him his political support base from the region, because the leaders from the place can’t submit to such a formation.

Wangui, however, claims that she had asked the DP concerning the matter and he assured her nothing of the sort is going on.

She said a political union between Ruto and Raila, could be a union full of mistrust and hide-and-seek games.

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Rigathi Gachagua the Mathira MP also dismissed any talk of Ruto forming an alliance with the ODM leader, saying Raila wasn’t welcome in Ruto’s camp.

The diehard supporter of Ruto accused the ODM leader of having a history of splitting any political formation or government he joined and that the DP, knowing him more than his followers, couldn’t agree to form an alliance with him.

Gachagua remembered the year 2007, how Raila worked with the DP only to dump him later, how the coalition government between former president Mwai Kibaki and Raila was full of drama and aso how the Jubilee government unity was disrupted when Raila shook hands with the President Kenyatta.

However, the Senator for Meru Mithika Linturi, Ruto’s key ally in Mt Kenya East, said that he believed nothing was impossible in the Kenyan politics and the players had no permanent friends or enemies, it is about interests.

Rahim Dawood, the MP for North Imenti, however, said a Ruto-Raila partnership may be unlikely, given that the two may not agree on the positions.

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