Home Opinion Who To Be Endorsed By Uhuru as The 5th President of Kenya ?

Who To Be Endorsed By Uhuru as The 5th President of Kenya ?

Who To Be Endorsed By Uhuru as The 5th President of Kenya ?

The political atmosphere in the country has intensified as we approach the election season. Politicians have come out from their hiding holes in their aspirations of ascending to power in the following year.


The presidential race is up for grabs with main contenders being former Prime minister Raila Odinga and the Current deputy William Ruto. The two are battling it out each with immense followers all over the country given their convincing power.


Not ruling out Ford Kenya party leader Musalia Mudavadi along with his compatriot Gideon Moi who are to form a coalition with Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka dubbed One Kenya Alliance. 

The president faces a dilemma in his decisions regarding on whom to support come next year between the above mentioned.

1. Raila Odinga.

Kenyatta is indebted to Odinga after one of their constitutional reforms by the BBI document was rejected by the high court of Kenya. The bill was drafted back in 2017 when Odinga was defeated in the presidential election and the political environment in the country was unbearable as his supporters could not believe and suspected rigging of the elections. The handshake was to calm the tension in the country.

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Political analysts in the country predict Odinga to be the favourites to get the thumbs up from the president given their friendship.


    2. William Ruto.

The deputy and his boss are not in good terms for the past two years. The deputy has been criticizing the government from where he is in and later forming his maiden party on the name UDA to prepare himself for the upcoming elections. The party is already one of the largest in the country with less than two years since it’s formation.


      3 Musalia Mudavadi.

Being a loyal servant to the Jubilee regime, Mudavadi looks up to the president’s endorsement as an appreciation act for his services to the president.


4. Gideon Moi.

Baringo senator Gideon Moi too is one of the aspiring presidential candidates. He looks to replicate his father’s footsteps who had served as the second President of the republic.


Drop your opinions, whom do you think the president should second in the race for presidency???

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