When The Spark Is Gone, What Next?



Think about a few years or months back, when you had a man in your life, when you foresaw a bright future relationship with him. Do you miss him? What feelings come up when you think about him? Remember when you two were so much in love, your love was boiling to the brim, hot like coal, explosive like a volcano. The thought of him gave you butterflies. You longed to see your partner in the evening just to know how their day was and to rest in their arms. Nothing could separate you two. Reminisce the old golden days when you two were all over each other. He was your ride or die and your confidante.


Then, the worst happened, and your relationship went down the hill. The allure faded, and there’s no more love between you. Your situation changed, your feelings changed, both of you changed. Your conversations also degraded to look like interviews, a question and answer scenario. So, when the spark fades in a relationship, what do you do?


We all agree that relationships are not any easy. They are not a walk in the park. A relationship is like an investment because you put in your feelings, your time, and energy. A relationship requires combined and collective effort to make things work out. It’s true sparks fade over time, and one of the least steady foundations for a life together is the feelings you have towards each other. Feelings come and go, you don’t have much control over them.

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One of the great leaps in relationship maturity happens when you realize that it’s not about how you feel towards each other. It’s about how you act towards each other. So, you need to reevaluate the pillars upon which your relationship is built, because true love withstands the test of time.


When your love is true, your loyalty stands the test of time. Remind each other why you are together in the first place, and what brings you together. Try inventing new ways to find each other’s company interesting and create memories. Lastly, be innovative in everything you do, from the bedroom to the kitchen. Remember routine is what kills most relationships.


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