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What’s The Secret To Happiness?

Melinda Venessa



How can I be happier? This is a simple question whose answer is being sought by many people. The truth is no one is entitled to your own happiness. Some people think that happiness is about being rich, being beautiful, or successful. And so they feel like happiness is out of their reach. Happiness is not a material thing. It’s a lot simpler than what we all think. As Mahatma Gandhi said, happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

Happiness is about being grateful. Happy people express gratitude for the good things in their lives. They truly value and appreciate what they have in their lives. Happy people don’t get too caught up in complaining and worrying. They appreciate and are content with what they have, and seek out the good things in life.

Happiness is about expressing love. Happy people make a conscious effort to take care of their relationships, be it with their friends, parents, children, significant other, or spouses. They develop a strong connection with their loved ones, develop loving relationships and ensure those relationships stay at the center of their lives. They value their relationships, and make it a priority to spend time to do the things they enjoy doing with the people they love.

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Happiness is about doing meaningful work. People who are happy pursue goals that are meaningful to them, and are in line with their values and principles as well as their priorities. So, if you want to be happy in life, choose goals that you will enjoy pursuing.

Happiness is about taking good care of yourself. People who are happy lead healthy lives. They make it a top priority to take care of their mental and physical health by exercising regularly, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep. If you take good care of yourself, you’ll feel great, you’ll be less anxious, and you’ll think more clearly.

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