What You Must Know About Maria Actors And Actresses


The Maria episodes that is aired on Citizen TV every weekday from 7:30pm to 8:00pm has drawn peoples attention from all walks of life. The creativity of the crew is commendable.

The drama series covers all areas of life starting from religion, relationships, family life, business, modernity and the ghetto life. Maria episodes began late last year and as days goes by the show is getting more fans.

Citizen TV made a new twist in the television Industry by giving Maria program a platform. Maria program is replica of the Soap Opera movies that are aired in various stations starting from 8:00pm to 9:00pm.

These are the actors and actress with the roles they play : Maria (lead actress),Boss William (major actor),Sofia(lead actress),Vickie/Madam Victoria(major actor), Luwi(lead actor,Vanessa (minor actress),Victor (minor actor),Bondi(minor actor),Jayden(minor actor),Trevor (minor mctor),Naomi (minor actress).

Other actors include: Lona(minor actress),Brenda(minor Actress),Delila (minor actress),Father Ezekiel(minor actor),Mother Teresa (minor actress), Silas(minor actor),Ben(minor actor),Rufina(minor actress),Koros(minor actor).

Marianne Kanini(minor Actress),Fali (minor actor),Collo (minor actor),Tekno(minor actor),Pupa(minor Actor),Gloria(minor actress) ,Dogo(minor actress), Mama Chapo (minor actress), Kobi (minor actress),Thomas(minor actor).

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