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What Uhuru Should Know as Political War With His Deputy William Ruto Intensify

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What Uhuru Should Know as Political War With His Deputy William Ruto Intensify

Reports ascertain that when president Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto were doing their Political campaign for Presidential seat in 2013, they agreed upon that Uhuru should rule for two terms that are equivalent to 10 years and another ten years for Deputy President Dr. William Ruto after President Uhuru has elapsed his term. William Ruto embraced his effort towards campaigning for the Jubilee party to win the presidency.

As time goes by president Uhuru and his deputy Ruto have been working together embracing peace and harmony. This was experienced during their first term in leadership and the start of the second term. However, on the basis of reports submission, it’s been seen that the relationship between President Uhuru and his deputy Ruto depreciation drastically. This has raised a lot of questions whether their agreement of Ruto succeeding Uhuru will be successful.

Reports support that despite the fact that there are differences and disagreement in Jubilee Party, President Uhuru Kenyatta should not forget his agreement with Deputy President William Ruto. Despite the matter of the fact that Uhuru Partnered with opposition Leader Raila Odinga, he should hold his promise with his deputy for the succession of 2022 politics.

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