What Teenage Girls Are Demanding For During This Covid-19 Period


It is the dream of every young girl to become a mother at one point in their life. This is evident by the act of motherhood they portray while playing with dolls while young. However, this has been denied to them by early teenage pregnancies causes by several factors among them being; lack of basic knowledge on sex education, poverty, lack of youth-friendly services in health facilities, early marriages, rape and defilement.

The country lacks a comprehensive sex education. This is to blame for the high cases of teenage pregnancies being recorded in the country. Leading to an increase in Teenage pregnancies cases recently Machakos is Said to have recorder about 4000 cases in a span five months.

It’s so shameful to be in this situations as a country, and much has to be done to make sure that the girl child is protected from any harm that comes their way. Men are supposed to be protectors of our girls, yet they are the once causing them more harm. Why then are these hooligans abusing and defiling minors and forcing them to be young mothers at the age of 10-19 year.

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Lack of basic knowledge of sex education has been termed as a leading factor of these early pregnancies. Young girls cannot consent to sex thus, they are taken advantage of by these hungry vultures.

It must be seen that the Sexual Offence Act is enforced to cub this situation. Let the men who defile our minors face the law and serve their sentences once proved guilty of the offence. During the pandemic period, there has been an upsurge of cases of young girls being forced into marriages.

The government has to see to it that girl is empowered to win the fight against this gigantic problem we are facing. Most problems can be solved if people are elites in society. Given a chance to get education and right motivation, girls will emerge strong.

Let us protect the girl child at any cost, to have successful future mothers with a strong will to support the empowerment of ladies. Upon school, reopening ensure all girls enroll to school to ensure they are not forced to early marriages.


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