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What Stingy Men Association Really Means

Edwine Agesa



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Stingy Men Association is the new trending topic online with men joining the supposedly new group. The definition behind this new trend has, however, been mixed up with most men not knowing what the real meaning is.

This phenomenon that started in Nigeria a few weeks ago seems to be gathering momentum in Kenya.

Membership identity cards have been publicly shared online with men claiming they are now part of this new society.

The meaning behind it has been coined into a group of men that do not want to spend money on women.

This, however, is not the intended explanation for the whole lifestyle. The men behind SMA have a different description for their lifestyle.

The SMA is only present to make sure that women also take care of themselves instead of solely depending on men.

The association looks at men who have money of their own but still believe women are empowered enough to settle their own bills.

In Kenya, the meaning has been misconstrued to stand for broke men who do not want to spend any money on women.

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