What Murkomen Revealed After Raila Posted His Covid-19 Test Results

Photo: Elgeyo Marakwet Senator (left) with Raila Odinga(left)


Early this morning the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga disclosed his Corona Virus results after undergoing a test on Sunday, 14th June.There was outrage in social media after he revealed his Covid-19 free certificate to the media reporters. The former Prime Minister’s critics who are also Ruto’s friends accused him for doing a show off.
Murkomen urged the ministry of health to give a precaution concerning the Corona virus test this because the Certificate can only last for one week.

Photo: Senator Murkomen’s Post On tweeter

He said that this will help in Curbing political mischief.
Murkomen tweeted, “the Ministry of Health should issue a public warning that COVID19 test results (certificate) is valid for utmost days 7days otherwise politicians doing their politics will mislead the public.”
Standard Media Journalist and health reporter doctor Mercy Korir disclosed that the the Covid-19 certificate is just like a certificate of Conduct, it is only valid as at the time of testing/getting it and thus it’s not futuristic at all.

Photo: Dr Mercy Korir’s Post On Tweeter

Dr Mercy Korir, “Actually, the result just says that as at the time of testing, the virus was NOT DETECTED. It doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have it, or will not get it. It’s like a Certificate of Good Conduct, it is only valid as at the time of testing/getting it…not futuristic at all.”
“Not true. It is not even valid for a day. Yesterday it was reported that someone tested negative and boarded a plane & tested positive on arrival. Plus there are many cases of false negatives. Remember VP Pence’s aid? She tested negative one day and positive the next day!” Mohammed Waliye
Mohammed Waliye stated there is person who tested negative for Covid-19 when she was bording a plane but when she arrived at her destination her test turned out to be positive.


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