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What Does Lemon Do To Your Body? Find Out

Melinda Venessa



Lemons are popular citrus fruits that have a distinct and pleasant taste and smell making them a great addition to foods and drinks. Lemons are rich in vitamin C and contain various beneficial nutritional plant compounds. These nutrients have many powerful health benefits and have been proven to be responsible for heart health support, digestive health support as well as weight control.
Eating lemons or drinking lemon juice supports heart health. Research shows that eating fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C reduces health risks of stroke and heart disease. The vitamin C in lemon is not only beneficial for your heart, the fiber in the citrus fruit also significantly lowers blood cholesterol levels.
Drinking hot lemon water regularly helps with weight loss because it increases the number of calories you burn. Lemons contain a soluble pectin fiber that expands your stomach thus helping you feel full for longer hours. Eating whole lemon fruits may help with this as they promote fullness more so the polyphenols from the peels.
According to research studies, lemon juice has been found to effectively prevent kidney stones which are small lumps that form when waste products crystallize and build up in the kidneys and are quite common. Citric acid may help to prevent these small lumps by increasing urine pH and volume thus creating an unfavorable environment for kidney stone formation.
Lemon juices help in prevention against anemia. The vitamin C and citric acid in lemon helps in absorption of non-heme iron from plant foods. The soluble fiber in lemons, pectin, also helps in improving digestive health but an individual has to eat the lemon as a whole.
According to some observational studies, people who eat citrus fruits and healthy diets rich in fruits and vegetables are at a lower risk of getting cancer.

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