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“Wewe Ni Kurecieve Tu, Where Is Yours?” Kenyans Lands On Raila Odinga After Receiving Donation Of Foodstuffs

Daniel Mutuva



Fierce Kenyans have landed on the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga shortly after he received a donation of foodstuffs from Officials of East Africa Ramgarhia Board’s of Youths Association at their office in pangani. Via his tweet, Raila Odinga asserted that the donation will be distributed to the less fortunate in the society who have been Adversely affected as the battle against covid-19 pandemic intensfy.

However, Kenyans have reacted to Raila Odinga’s tweet in diverse ways, claiming that Raila Odinga’s work is only to receive but not giving. They also further Informed Raila Odinga that his brother Uhuru Kenyatta is busy embracing tribalism by appointing his tribesmen into most senior position and asked Raila Odinga whether Uhuru has his blessings.

In the reactions to Raila’s tweet, a fierce Kenyan attacked Raila of his handshake with President Uhuru, claiming that it has not helped some Kenyans in the matter of the fact that all the prestigious public positions are left only for the privilege Kikuyus and Accused Raila for the underdeveloped in Luo Nyanza.

Here are the reactions;
“Your Brother Uhuru is busy appointing his tribesmen to most senior positions, does he have your blessings,#othertribesmatter,” Wycliffe sudie reacted
” We ni kureceive tu,” senior chief reacted
” 1. Have you donated yours? 2. How is handshake help us now that all the prestigious public positions are left for only privilege Kikuyus. 3.Kisumu county health workers are on strike because of your right hand man Nyong’o. 4.No development at all at Luo Nyanza because of you.” K’oindo terribly reacted.

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