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Well Connected Medical Expert Clears Air On Fresh Lockdown

Job Maangi



In an interview on the 21 July Prof. Omu Anzala who is an expert in Viruses dug dip into the state of Corona virus pandemic in the country.
He stated that what will spearhead the decision on whether to open or close down the country will be rate of Infections as he stated that as a country we have the ability to slow down infections.

“My position has always been that we reopen and remain open… we are not in a position to stop the spread of the coronavirus but we are in a position to slow down the spread…” – Prof. Omu Anzala.

Prof Anzala recommened that those who are going to self-isolate at home must have the ability to have their own separate room, the ability to stay away from the rest of the family for the duration of the infection.

“Vaccines take a long time to develop… I want to advocate for the Ministry of Health to quickly setup a vaccine consortium in Kenya to begin discussing how we shall introduce a COVID vaccine in this country…” – Prof. Omu Anzala asserted.
Prof Omu Urged the government to set up a vaccine consortium in Kenya that will assessing the vaccines that will accept Ed by the country.
“Saying that we want to test nearly everybody is uncalled for, let us test when it is necessary and let us test and do something about it…” – Prof. Omu Anzala asserted.
On the other hand Former Harambee Stars player Musa who fell ill in June was released from hospital on July 5th.

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