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Ways To A Lasting Relationship

Casper Wamboko




Being in love and having that special person love you back in the epitome of perfect life, but suddenly it can slip through the fingers. Here are some ways to keeping the fire of your love burning.

Accept your partner. Acceptance means giving your partner empathy instead of criticism. Learning to live with the next person’s faults and short comings. Accepting doesn’t mean agreeing with everything a person does, rather that you accept their actions are a part of the relationship. Befriend your partner and show them that you trust them. If you don’t trust him your partner will know and automatically, his heart will lock, keeping it clear of lasting love.

Appreciate your partner and give him your focus. Notify your partner of the good things that he may have brought into the relationship. Give your partner your attention, at home and also when the two of you go out. Your partner may get jealous or uncomfortable, once he notices that you are focused mostly on someone or something else.

Romance your partner as you communicate with him. Romance is very important to stay on track towards a lasting relationship. Keep it in your agenda, no matter how heavy your work load. Make time for romance. Listen to your partner, no matter the current mood, as it is reassuring to be listened to. It’s vital to keep the lines of communication open, letting each other know how you feel or think. Communication is a basic foundation to a lasting relationship.

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Express your love to your partner. Back up your communicated feelings and thoughts with modes of expression that carry the communicated message into another level. Indulge your interest in your partner’s hobbies and talents, performing them together. Soften your attitude towards your partner. Try being totally composed, accepting, supportive and non judgmental with no nagging, complaining or heated discussions. Finally spend as much time as possible with each other, as relationships are built on memories.

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