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Was It Covid-19? Naked Truth On What Killed Ex-president Mkapa

Brian Sunguti



The family of the late President of Tanzania Benjamin Mkapa has come out to clarify what they termed as false rumors about the former president’s cause of death. Following Mkapa’s sudden death as announced by the current president John Pombe Magufuli, rumors were abuzz on social media about just how he had contracted the dreaded Covid-19 leading to his sudden death. Claims that the deceased immediate family have since refuted and termed them as false. His family now claim that the former president was suffering from malaria prior to his death, and that what really killed him was a cardiac arrest.

The family members, led by William Erio, revealed that the former Kenyan mediator during the 2007/8 botched presidential ballot had been admitted on Wednesday last week having contracted malaria. And that up until Thursday he was well and in good condition, only for him to succumb of cardiac arrest later on that night. Erio further revealed that he had spent some time with the former president while in hospital and that it was not Covid-19 that had killed him. Erio was speaking at the funeral service of the late president on Sunday, a mass that was also attended by President Pombe Magufuli.

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Erio thus dispelled the Covid-19 rumors terming them as baseless. Also present at the funeral service was Tanzania’s vice president, and prime minister. This comes at a time when the government continues to be under fierce criticism for how it is handling the Covid-19 pandemic. President Magufuli recently declared that Tanzania was free from the virus, and that tourists should not feel afraid of visiting the region. A move that has been hugely questioned by the UN’s World Health Organization. WHO also found trouble with how the country was not preparing for combating the virus, with Tanzania also having ceased publishing its new daily infections.

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