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Wambugu Ngunjiri Tears Down Ruto And Unveils His Secret Plans

Job Maangi



Photo: Nyeri Town Mp Wambugu Ngunjiri and Deputy President Dr William Ruto

The Building bridges initiative referendum push is gaining momentum with leaders close to former prime and allied to the handshake doing what they can do to ensure it sails through.

Ruto’s team that used to oppose the BBI has changed tune to ask for further amendments in the report in order to accommodate the views of all Kenyans.

“Devolution improved service delivery across our nation. It should be strengthened. I engaged Governors on the BBI process and enjoyed listening to their perspective on the way forward,” Raila Odinga remarked during the meeting with governors.

The controversy surrounding the report is the different hardline stands between the two political kinpins where Raila believes that the report should be passed as it is whereas Ruto wants more changes done.

“We should strive to reach consensus on the Building Bridges Initiative report, especially on issues that affect ordinary Kenyans; it is unnecessary to plunge the country in a referendum that may turn out to be costly and divisive,” Ruto said.

Today Nyeri Town Mp Ngunjiri Wambugu took a swipe on the Deputy President Dr William as he revealed the cards he is playing behind the scenes.
Wambugu said that Ruto opposed the whole process but realized that he was about to lose which made him to make a turn around.

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“Ruto does not want to head to a contested referendum because he believes he will be defeated, but I personally believe in a contested referendum because this will Kenyans a fair chance to listen to all parties.” Wambugu said.

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