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Waiguru’s Husband Comes To Her Rescue Again

Job Maangi



After Kirinyaga governor survived impeachment she accredited her victory to support and help that she had received from the husband. She even referred to him to be heaven sent.
K24 viewers experienced a clash of the Titans as Lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo and Ndegwa Njiiru were interviewed alongside Ndegwa Njiiru.
Kamotho Waiganjo yet again came to Waiguru’s rescue as he defended her on a live broadcast over the accusations that were made against her .

Photo: Lawyer Kamotho With Governor Ann Waiguru at their wedding

Lawyer Waiganjo first remarked he represented Governor Anne Waiguru as a professional lawyer who knew the the heart and the politics of the impeachment case.
“My teacher Kamotho was not able to try to the case as a legal case. When I tried to unearth what would have connected the dots, Kamotho Waiganjo got emotional,” Ndegwa Njiiru.
However Kamotho said that some of these arguments were unfortunate as MCAs impeached the governor on the basis of 26 allegations but when it came to substantiating them, they dropped 18 of them.

Photo: Lawyer Ndegwa Njiiru

Ndegwa Njiiru remarked that the burden of proof was not squarely on them, Senate Committee had the mandate to investigate and they should have done their own investigations.
“Once you become a public officer, you are open to scrutiny. We actually raised 10 grounds of travel that the governor never undertook. If we were given copies of her diplomatic and ordinary passports, we would have proved the travel claims, “Ndegwa Njiiru further remarked.

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