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[Video]Ruto Leaks Plans To Steal 2022 Elections

Job Maangi



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Deputy president William Ruto has faced Fierce criticism from various leaders in the country who are allied to former prime minister Raila Odinga and the President.
The handshake between the two of Political Kingpins Raila Odinga and the President Uhuru Kenyatta led to sharp division Within the ruling Jubilee party leadership.

Raila Odinga’s brothers remarks that what shall decide who becomes the next president is the people in the system and the deep state lead to fierce reactions amongst Kenyans.
The deputy president William Ruto has been Silent over the dilemma that surrounds 2022 succession Politics.

On the 11th of August the Deputy president William Ruto came out guns blazing against the people in the system who are planning to rig the next elections.
“We must be steadfast and firm; after all, we are the People,” Ruto remarked.

He revealed that the only person who will determine the next president is the people of Kenya.

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“Watakuja na system na deep state lakini tutasimama na Wakenya,” the deputy president William Ruto remarked.

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