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VIDEO;MP John Mbadi Sends A Stern Warning To Those Attaching Revenue Sharing Statement As ODM Matter

Daniel Mutuva




The Suba Member of Parliament and Minority leader in the National Assembly John Mbadi has send a Stern Warning to those attaching revenue sharing statement as ODM matter. This comes after a motion was tabled on how revenue Should be distributed across all the 47 counties on the basis of considering diverse factors.

Revenue allocation to counties on the basis of formula submit sticks on development Factor, population Factor, equal share factor, poverty factor, land area factor and fiscal factor. The report is yet to be discussed at the senate to prove its authenticity.

PHOTO; MP John Mbadi

However, MP Mbadi has warned those linked the revenue sharing statement as an ODM issue. In his statement, Mbadi ascertains that it’s political mischieve and being dishonest for attaching the Revenue sharing formula as ODM matter. MP Mbadi further stated that it’s a national debate and issue of the senate. He affirmed that it’s a division that cuts across all political grouping.

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