Video: Sonko Leaks The Truth About Raila’s Health



The governor of Nairobi County Mike Mbuvi Sonko posted a video on that outlined details on Raila’s Health condition on his official Facebook page.

Raila was spotted wearing a blue  short and Yellow T-shirt. This surprised Kenyans as some made fun of him that he looked like a School going student.

The former prime Minister Raila Odinga thanked Kenyans who have been praying for him and stood with during the period which, he had been admitted in hospital at Dubai.

“I detect the irony in Sonko….in 2013 during election The so called Sonko despised Raila so much even to the extent of he (Sonko) will buy a TV for him Raila to be watching new as uhuruto rule …now both are trembling cos Baba is in the gov playing their cards,” said John Snipes

“Quick recovery baba. While you were away, so much has happened. We can’t wait to welcome you back and bring you up to speed with the current developments,” Nyanjiru Gathiri asserted


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