VIDEO; Matiang’i Orders All Police Officers To Undergo 18 Months Training As He Launches Digital Project

PHOTO: Interior and Coordination Security CS Dr Fred Matiang'i


The cabinet secretary of Interior security and coordination Dr Fred Matiang’i has launched a new technology in police service. Matiang’i launched the Utumishi project at BuruBuru police station laveraging on the Technology Wich features on digital OB, bespeaks better policing Service.

According to CS Matiang’i, this comes after corruption has been greatly experience in police service where one has to bribe to get the file when the information were editable.Under the new technology, the complaints and the statements will now be uneditable, permanent and readily available.

“@NPSOfficial_KE has launched the Utumishi Project at BuruBuru Police Station. Dr. @FredMatiangi stated leveraging on the technology, which features a digital OB, bespeaks better policing services since complaints/statements will now be uneditable, permanent & readily-available,” Ministry of Interior pinned

Speaking, CS Matiang’i asserted that bribery that had taken roots in police service under the analogue service will now be limited under the digital OB project. Matiang’i stated that the police had developed a custom for one to get the file had to bribe an action that has limited effective service delivery to netizens.

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However, CS Matiang’i Further affirmed that all police officers have 18 months to undergo the digital training for effective use of newly launched Technology in police sector. Addressing, Matiang’i termed the file as an animal that has been causing misery everywhere where one has to bribe to get it. Matiang’i said the file will no longer be used thus curtailing corruption in police sector and for effective service delivery to netizens.

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