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Video: Kenyans React After Ruto’s 2022 Plan Surfaced

Video: Kenyans React After Ruto’s 2022 Plan Surfaced

Kenyans went on twitter to react after Ruto posted a video on his interview with Churchill show Comedian at was done in the year 2012 live on Television.
Ruto’s supporters on the internet praised him and rejoiced after he posted the Video where he was addressing his vision concerning the country come the year 2022.

Photo: Ruto’s Post on twitter

The deputy president William said that he is still determined on his 2022 political ambition as he was back in the year 2012 despite of the political afflictions that he is going through.
Dr William Ruto remarked that his determination for Kenya and for the coming election, is that we must bring this country together at whatever cost.
During the 2012 interview revealed that he has alot of energy and he is willing dispense it at all cost after the elections.

Photo: Twitter Screenshot

Ruto said that his greatest ambition is to see a United country where a person is not voted because of his village, the pelling of his name or because of his height or religion but because of what he can do for a nation.
Ronnie commented, “I believe in you Prof of Politics. We shall deliver this together. The Fifth 👊🏿”
“Stop being mislead, Ruto hawezani. Hapo ni kubaya Nani. It’s like wanting to be God, something that can’t happen. We only have one omnipresent God,”Levince remarked
@Peterwambua Not just friends but,,,Soldiers of Ruto,,,Waiting for the trumpet.


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