Valentine’s Day Gifts That Will Make Your Lover Smile

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Valentine’s Day 2021 approached in a timely manner as Kenyans rushed to buy their loved ones gifts amid the heavy rain fall and chilly weather.

Sunday February 14 will be celebrated as the official Valentine’s Day of this year and most Kenyans are already on the streets selling flowers and other gifts.

Focusing on gifts, here are the 5 most common Valentine’s Day gifts that Kenyans always give:

1. Flowers

This is the most common Valentine’s Day gift all over the world. Most florists in Kenya were selling flowers from as early as Thursday. Flowers symbolize love and care for an individual.

2. Chocolate

Most flowers are usually paired up with a box of chocolates. This means that a snack is always an added and welcomed gift on Valentine’s Day.

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3. Jewelry

Everyone wants to look good on a day that celebrates love. This translates to putting on accessories such as Jewellery that adds to the aesthetic value of an individual.

4. Clothes

Still on the looks topic, clothes are also an important gift. Red clothing is always associated with Valentine’s Day and this makes them perfect.

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5. Dates

This is usually the climax of the day. A couple taking their time to sit down and enjoy a moment, by themselves. Dates also involve getting to discover each other deeply and appreciate their presence.

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