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US Ambassador To Kenya Resigns Days Before Biden Takes Oath of Office

James Musyoki



U.S Ambassodor
Photo: US Ambassador To Kenya McCarter

US Ambassador to Kenya, Kyle McCarter, has announced his resignation just days before a new administration is set to take over the US Government. McCarter made the announcement on the local dailies where he revealed that Wednesday the 20th of January will mark the last day of his tenure as the U.S President-elect Joe Biden takes the oath into office.



“I am sad to announce that this privilege is coming to an end on January 20 when I will resign my post. Nevertheless, Kenya will continue to play a large role in my life.” McCarter stated.



McCarter assumed the office of the U.S ambassador to Kenya in January 2019 as a political appointee of the outgoing US President Donald. Normally, US Ambassadors who are political appointees get dismissed on the date that a new President assumes office but are allowed to stand in for a grace period until a replacement is appointed.



McCarter’s future as the U.S ambassador to Kenya was dependent on Donald Trump’s fate in last Year’s November elections. Despite his short-lived tenure as the U.S ambassador to Kenya, McCarter was proud to note that his period of service was characteristic of a strengthened trade between the two countries with Kenya being the biggest beneficiary of U.S aid.


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“Kenya has always been a part of my life… To return decades later as US Ambassador was the greatest honor of my life and an extraordinary opportunity to serve my country for the benefit of the American and Kenyan people.” McCarter said on his resignation announcement.

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