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Video: Catholic Pope Francis Allows Homosexuality In The Church

Job Maangi



Photo: Catholic Pope Francis

Homosexuality and the same sex marriages is one of the topics that has brought Controversy in the Christianity religion.

One side that Supports the marriages argues that the gay people are human and thus they should be permitted to get married to each other.

However, others argue that opposite sex marriage is what God instituted at the garden of Eden, it leads to continuity of creation through procreation and nobody should divert from God’s Original idea.

The African culture and traditions makes the homosexuality culture not acceptable because most people believe it’s not a good practice.

Some leaders have faced criticism for support Gaysim and championing for the rights of this people.

In a film that was released this Wednesday the Catholic Pope Francis surprised many people when he boldly made a declaration Concerning homosexuality.

Pope Francis argued that he believes that the same-sex couples have rights and they should be allowed to have Civil Union.

According to documentary that was directed by Evgeny Afineevsky, Pope Francis went against the Vatican Law and what his predecessors believed in.

The Catholic Pope went on to say that the homosexuals are children of God and they should not be victimized but should be allowed to intermingle freely without interference.

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