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University Student Who Takes Her Friends To A Rapist Arrested

University Student Who Takes Her Friends To A Rapist Arrested

University and college life can be hard a times and students always tend to make end meet by doing all sorts of things just for survival.

After joining campus, students get to meet friends from different backgrounds. Some will tend to emulate the classy lifestyle of others. This push them to do odd things to get money and finance the expensive lifestyle they tend to have.

In Nairobi, a campus student is in trouble for reportedly luring her female friends to the home of a suspected serial rapist.



According to reports from the Kibera law Courts, she had invited the girls for fun-filled parties in South C Estate, only for them to be forced into sexually satisfying a male friend.

The student,  who was identified as Faith Washiali, is in custody pending the hearing of her bail application.

According to the prosecutors at Kibera Court, Ms Washiali has been inviting girls to the house of Mr. Abdirazak Adan Abdullahi where they were raped and assaulted.

Additionally, some of the girls were threatened with death if they did not do what the man demanded.

The alleged rapist, Mr Abdullahi is facing accusations from at least four women and girls.

It is said that the girls have been silent over the matter as they were scared of the threats they received.

However, a university student cane out to launch a complaint with the police following Ms Washiali’s invitation. This encouraged the other victims to come out and speak.

The student told Lang’ata police that Mr Abdullahi sexually assaulted her and damaged her phone valued at Sh40,000 when she rejected his advances.

The two were arrested on April 2 following an analysis of medical records but Mr Abdullahi’s arrest was dramatic as he lives in a heavily guarded estate.

Photo:Mr. Abdirazak Adan Abdullahi and Ms Faith Washiali at Kibera law Courts


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It is reported that several attempts to take him into custody were thwarted by the armed security officers before detectives finally got him.

The duo is expected to appear before Senior Principal Magistrate Esther Boke today to know if they will be freed on bail or spend the duration of the hearing in custody.

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