Ukipendwa Pendeka! Alfred Mutua Launches A Multimillion Hotel Named After His Lover (Photos)


The governor of Machakos Dr Alfred Mutua took the internet by storm after he posted Photos of his newly launched restaurant.

“Lillian & I invite you to the soft opening of the A & L Hotel, Machakos, from tomorrow, July 24th, 2020. We have initiated Covid-19 protocols to keep all of us safe. Please pass by anytime for a cup of tea, a drink, a meal or even a swim. The restaurant’s hours: 8 am- 8 pm daily,” Alfred Mutua remarked.

He named the the hotel room A & L which is an abbreviation of Alfred and Lilian who is his beloved wife.
Machakos governor asserted that they will pay attention to Covid-19 protocols to keep all customers safe. He asked customers to pass by anytime for a cup of tea, a drink, a meal or even a swim.

Mark Kyalo said, “Its interesting how this hotel is finalized just after the launch of the ‘white house’. Somehow I feel the building of the big office was used to finance this hotel. They were all built at the same time. Maybe they used the same resources under the office budget.”
The governor of Machakos surprised many people when he launched the first classic governor’s white House which attracted the attention of most people.

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“If only Mutua could lead this country as President. The guy is visionary and people centred. Great piece of work governor. May I request I visit your Hotel,you buy me a cup of Tea as I share my expectations with you once you are president? I admire the passion Sir. God bless u,” Ravens said.


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