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Uhuru’s ‘Secret’ Successor Who Will Lock Out Ruto And Raila Exposed

Uhuru’s ‘Secret’ Successor Who Will Lock Out Ruto And Raila Exposed
Photo: Dp Ruto Shaking hands with Raila As Uhuru Was Watching

Since the president Uhuru Kenyatta  fellout with the deputy president Dr William Ruto all eyes have been  on the party leader trying to see who he shall pick as his next successor come the year 2022.
The handshake between the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and the president Uhuru Kenyatta caused a paradigm shift in the Kenyan politics as they have been political rivals for a long period of time.

Photo: Mukhisa Kituya

However, a report by the Start newspaper that revealed Uhuru’s potential successor has surprised many, this is because the person is not very popular in the Kenyan politics.
According to the sources close  who spoke with the Star newspaper on the condition of anonymity Mukhisa Kituyi the former Trade minister is being considered a compromise candidate in case the Orange party leader does not contest the presidency come the year 2022.

Photo: Star Newspaper Headline

Veteran politician Mukhisa Kituyi is serving as the current secretary-general of the Geneva-based United Nations Conference on Trade Development (Unctad) and he has a wide experience in Kenyan politics.

However, it is not very clear whether the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga will contest during the 2022 presidential elections since he has remained silent about his presidential ambitions in next general elections.
Kenyans politics is quite controversial and it’s not easy to predict what will happen in the year 2022, “One day in politics can be likened to 5 years”, actually in the year 2012 Mudavadi was betrayed in the  broad daylight after being promised political backing by the Jubilee party.


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