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Uhuru Suffers Headache Over Ruto’s Recent Moves

Lamech Bwabi



Photo: President Uhuru kenyatta
Finally the Building Bridges Initiative has been given to Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. The report that has been waited for long is now out and some of Ruto’s supporters as they already earlier declared are opposing it. These has gotten president Kenyatta to speak and rubbished the allegations that he and former prime minister Raila Odinga are after supremacy. He said the report is all about the unity of Kenyans.
Recently the president she speaking has urged and warned boda boda’s against being used by politicians who after using them for their own benefit will dump them like tissue paper. The president asked the riders to be keen and innovative so that money set aside can help them .He challenged them on why it is only during politics that politicians pretend to be generous and supportive.
According to this statement, the president was roasting his deputy who has been identifying himself with Boda boda riders in what he has named youth and women empowerment. Tito has been holding meetings in several regions meeting with women and riders at some point donating bikes and even wheelbarrows so that a common mwananchi cannot lack employment. He was in Kisii, Msambweni and many other parts.
It has turned out that Ruto and his team have opted to stay away from dynasties and move in their own hustler movement. In these movement, Ruto identifies himself with mwananchi for he claims that he has also been a hustler and now understands what his people are going through. He has been mocking ODM leader Raila Odinga who has been criticizing his approach claiming that his donations are from money obtained through unjust ways.
Uhuru address to the Boda boda means that he wants to shit the dp and his camp who have been trying to isolate him and the big four agenda. He is in his last term and wants to lead a legacy. Therefore him speaking means he wants to change direction of politics for most attention has been given to the do and his donations. These has even made people to forget their duty as citizens or civil servants with covid 19 disrupting everything.

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